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11 amazing things to do on Samui
Beautiful beaches, colorful markets and unique landscapes - this is only a small part of what it costs to go to Koh Samui ... Discussions that Thailand and its islands…

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Four reasons to send a tourist to Tunisia
Here, tourists do not need to think out what to do - Tunisia offers excellent beaches, a wide range of entertainment and spa treatments. In addition, Tunisia is one of…

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Israel Travel News
Israel Travel News rules of entry, places of rest, Israel rules of entry, places of rest, Israel ISRAELI BORDER PASSAGE SYSTEM In February 2013, the Israeli authorities significantly simplified and…

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Delicious tourism

It is not in vain that event tourism is considered one of the ways to “upgrade” traditional excursion routes: the path to the tourist’s heart, if not lying through the stomach, then at least seriously depends on the gastronomic impressions on the spot. Interesting food “with a local flavor” in our time has become one of the opportunities to seriously promote the direction. In this case, it is often a question of quite accessible for every day excursions. And gastronomic festivals are now literally throughout the country. Pomogator.Travel represents the first ten of September, and tourists can book excursions in the places of these festivals in our search service of private guides. Continue reading

New destinations for a beach holiday with children in Italy

Italy remains the foremost foreign destination for families with children. Among the Russian families, the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian Riviera, which I offer adults and children a huge choice for entertainment, enjoy special honor.

Apartments of Serenissima Bibione Among the new, increasingly popular destinations in this region are the resorts of Lignano and Bibione. The latter is more suitable for families with children thanks to the peaceful atmosphere, thermal springs and a variety of specialized children’s services in local hotels and institutions. The thermal resort of Bibione offers waters with a high content of fluorine in the newest thermal center with thalassotherapy courses right on the seashore. Continue reading

Digitization of tourism: who did not have time, he was late

However, the global trend of digitalization of the travel industry indicates a fast and global change in this market.

What does a traveler want?
In Europe, the services of tour operators, making visits to the physical offices of companies, use no more than a third of travelers. The rest are planning a trip on their own using online services. In Russia, the market is developing in line with global trends, so a similar situation will not take long. Online sales will grow, and in two planes – self-compiling a tour with the help of buying tickets and hotels on the Internet separately, as well as buying already “collected” trips from tour operators online. Continue reading

Hotels resort of Jesolo in Italy

Vacation on the Venice Riviera is the perfect summer destination for all who want to get the best out of life. In Jesolo, you can count on a comfortable climate, warm sea and beaches, which annually receive prestigious awards for the preservation of ecology and cleanliness, and rich leisure opportunities for every taste, including family and romantic trips. At this beach resort you are waiting for cozy hotels and luxury hotels, various Italian restaurants and pizzerias, street musicians play on the main street in the evenings, the city comes to life at night, but there is no tourist bustle inherent in the Italian resorts. Jesolo is famous for its high-class hotels, where guests can enjoy top-level service and the most qualified personnel in the tourism sector. Continue reading

Moldova. Republic with wine rivers and fruit shores

Getting into the bright and spacious Chisinau International Airport, you immediately tune in to exciting discoveries and a journey of European quality. The main air harbor of Chisinau seemed to me very cozy, and the staff were friendly, open and sociable.

Having specified the purpose of my visit, the border guard handed me a passport and wished a good trip. And I went to the city.

When I was going to Chisinau, I could not imagine this city. What is he like? Modern, like Singapore, or unique, like Venice? Continue reading

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Summer holidays in Crimea
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