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UAE (United Arab Emirates) – tours, vacation

UAE – a country of unlimited possibilities
People go to this country for unforgettable impressions and expensive purchases. Rest in the UAE surprises with its exotic and is admired by the high level of comfort. It seems that for the inhabitants of this country nothing is impossible. Even the most capricious tourist will find it difficult to find fault with anything – holidays in the Emirates include the fulfillment of almost all the desires of the client.

The luxurious atmosphere in the hotels, the attentive service, the abundance of entertainment and exciting excursions make tours in the UAE – a real fairy tale. Here everyone will find for themselves a favorite activity – for fans of extreme types of recreation – magnificent beaches with clear blue water, for those who prefer a measured rest – chic shops and traditional oriental bazaars. Tours to the Emirates is an expensive pleasure, but it is worth it to pay and see the real East.

Rest in the UAE – oriental tale
The wonderful subtropical climate allows vacationers to enjoy the sunny weather for almost the whole year. On the coast of the Persian Gulf, the air temperature reaches + 450С, and water reaches + 350С. The most favorable period for rest is from October and ending in May. During the summer months there is very hot weather with high humidity.

Possible such unpleasant weather phenomena as sand storms, and in the desert at night in the winter is cool. Therefore, ordering tours in the UAE, just in case it is better to take a set of warm clothes.

On the coast of the Persian Gulf are the most famous resorts of the country – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Located along the coast, luxury hotels provide a comfortable stay on private beaches for their guests. Those who are not fortunate enough to become a client of expensive resorts can visit the free city beach or the paid one a little further.

Hotels in Dubai are divided by the number of stars and differ in the level of service. The best are the five-star hotels located in the elite area of ​​Jumeirah. Next in line with the level of service are the hotels of Ajman and Sharjah, and only after filling these hotels are the hotels of Abu Dhabi beginning to fill.

Tours to the Emirates – a combination of modernity and ancient culture
Arriving on vacation in the Emirates, tourists are primarily surprised by the high European standard of living in large resort towns. The panorama that opens in Dubai is amazing with the abundance of modern high-rise buildings and an unusual fountain with music and lighting effects. The ancient history and culture of the East peacefully coexists with the modern achievements of architecture and technology.

Trips with an inspection of ancient cultural monuments and safari in sand dunes are in high demand. Camel excursion and acquaintance with nomadic tribes, an overview of ancient forts and walks on the schooner are only a small part of the entertainment offered to tourists.

Tours in the Emirates for all
In the large resort centers offer extreme forms of recreation. Diving in the waters of the Persian and Ottoman Gulfs is especially popular. Here you can watch a variety of marine life and see the remains of sunken ships.

In public institutions in the UAE strictly control the use of alcohol. Local restaurants can offer a variety of delicious Arabic food, but it is very difficult to buy alcoholic beverages. Especially delicious coffee is prepared in the country. This drink is always served fresh, in small bowls. Despite the fact that the prices for holidays in the UAE are not at all small, you will get unforgettable impressions from visiting resort and historical places.

Tours to the Emirates from “Saga TM”
This rich country is always happy to provide its guests with the best hotels and show unique attractions. Tour operator “Saga TM” offers the best prices on holidays in the Emirates, giving the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the East.

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